Torque & Drag - spreadsheet

It calculates:
- the weight recorded at surface while tripping,
- the tensions in drillstring for tripping, rotating off bottom and drilling rotary or sliding.
- the stresses in drillstring for tripping, rotating off bottom and drilling rotary or sliding and the equivalent stress (von Mises).

The input data are: the drillstring, the hole profile, the deviation and some other drilling parameters like MW, WOB, traveling block weight, tripping speed, RPM.
At this point the program does not calculate the friction factors therefore the user has to take care to input the proper values.
The deviation can also be designed by using the free spreadsheet provided here.

What is new:
Now you can select the drillstring components from a database that is providing the values of make-up torque and the yield strength to be compared with the drillsting torque while rotating and equivalent stress, respectively.
You can actually use different mud weights inside the string and/or annulus.
You can customize your input and output measuring units.
You can still paste the drillsting in the spreadsheet but in this case you have to uncheck the using of the catalogue.

What else it's new:
- a module for calculating the drill pipe life consumed due to fatigue.
- a reverse calculation of the friction factors
- traveling block sheave friction correction, the viscous drag due to relative movement pipe-mud and the Non Rotating DP protectors module.
- a user friendly tubular catalog which can be easily updated

You can read about these features here

If you'd like to compare Torque-Drag v.3 against Wellplan, feel free to check this page .